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Bitmain: “Bitcoin Network has a high risk of being split”

Through the bitcoine blocks, both sides were accused of weakness, interested in paid shilling, restriction, fair recitation of history and exaggeration. Given that many parts of the group have begun to acquire real terrain by August, Bitmain, who has reliably emerged as an opponent of the UASF, Separate Witness, and so on, Intend to do in a situation where there are two conflicting Bitcoin strings.

Obviously, it is not a question of managing on the campfire and singing kum-ba-ya with the designers of Blockstream, with whom they fought for a considerable time, and who affirm that the innovation ASICBOOST of Bitmain Is the real goal of their hostility to SegWit Situation.

In a current blog entry, Bitmain said:

The mining action behind a UASF channel can stop without notice, and financial specialists who buy in BIP148 advertising can lose their entire business. All trades that choose to reinforce a UASF token after the direct need of the range must take into account the stagnation opportunities attached to it.

It is difficult to imagine that individuals “lose their entire business” for sponsorship, the BIP148 client has promulgated a delicate range. This kind of thinking suggests that Bitmain be intrigued / well with the use of alarm strategies. In any case, parties on all sides of the conference perceived that a disappointment of the pools and Chinese organizations, including Bitmain, to recover from the Segwit initiation in time for the reorganization of the The existence of two renditions of Bitcoin. Would it be much more regrettable that the situation we now have, or the individuals who now had bitcoins, now have a greater quantity? Will the market react with discipline or acclaim as a new company? These instabilities are aloof from the problem.

As a result, Bitmain’s settings for sending a hardfork requiring that the chips have to be greater than 1 megabytes at the beginning of Unix hour, 1501590000 start about 12 hours after the opening of the UASF. This will ensure the uniqueness of the two chains, as everyone with hail signaling will simply observe the entire movement of Bitcoin. It is undoubtedly dangerous, and good fortunes for anyone who tries to work together under such conditions.

For all intents and purposes, ordinary bitcoiners can be influenced virtually nothing, or as much as they are influenced, if they get each of their coins in wallets they control. It is conceivable that if a division occurs and the two chains continue, choosing never to combine again, then customers would have coins on both chains.

We have a history to consider with regard to significant cryptographic forms of silver in the presence of delayed chain pieces. The Ethereum DAO bug caused two Ethereums, Ethereum Classic and Ethereum. Ethereum Classic retains its esteem. It is quite difficult to imagine that individuals would be willing to recognize marking, non-branded bitcoins from the minority chain, and two bitcoins pushing ahead, without actually updating a scaling arrangement of Future confirmation.

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